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was created to honor the memory of Joseph F. Natale. Joe was born in Passaic, NJ, grew up in Lodi, NJ and resided in Butler, NJ. He settled down to start a family with his wife, Christine and had two children, Alex and Nico. He was President and co-owner of J & J's Tristate Delivery Service in East Hanover for 30 years, past coach of Butler Jr. Bulldogs for 15 years, a dedicated fan of the Oakland Raiders and an avid drummer and music lover. 


Joe suddenly passed away on January 5, 2018. Whether one knew him for a short while or a long time, he had a way of making himself known; the world was fortunate to have him as a partner, father, mentor and friend. He led a complete life, not so much with the time he spent physically on this Earth, but with what he had accomplished in his time, and what he viewed as valuable.  


He was a provider. He was a lover. He was passionate. He was respectful. He was proud. It was apparent that he was a strong leader who motivated and inspired others by example, provided  positive encouragement and a hug that was felt throughout the community. Throughout his career, coaching years and extra curriculars, his motto was one and the same as his favorite Oakland Raider football team; to maintain a "Commitment to Excellence." It is THE NATALE FOUNDATION’s promise to continue to nurture and remain a positive presence for those individuals and organizations to which Joseph provided an impact.  

Our Story
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AlexJo Stys


AlexJo is Joe's daughter. She is an east coast educator, choreographer, and dancer residing in New Jersey. She received her BA in Dance and Psychology from Muhlenberg College and her MA in Art Administration from Southern Utah University. AlexJo has worked with non-profit dance companies and most notably the General Manager and Assistant to the Director of Leon Dance Arts, a professional training program in NYC, where her love for the administrative arts started. She currently teaches at Gateway to the Arts and has returned to work for her families company as Office and Account Manager at J&J's TriState Delivery Service.                       Much love to BBBP.


Christine Natale

Vice President


Nicole Aguilo



Nico Natale




Our Team

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